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Vitamin E: Poorest Foods for Vegetarians (per portion)

Vitamin E is an antioxydant.
Vitamin E and Selenium act in synergy.

Detailed list (Foods quantities are per portion)
Bottom Vitamin E Rich Foods for Vegetarians
0%0mgvinegar (15ml)
0%0mgskimmed milk (dry) (25g)
0%0mgyogourt (beverage) (175g)
0%0mggrape juice, canned or bottled (250ml)
0%0mgspices, nutmeg, ground (0.5g)
0%0mgdried shiitake (4g)
0%0mgshiitake (85g)
0%0mgsalt, table (1g)
0%0mgvanilla extract (5ml)
0%0mgradish, oriental (daikon), raw (65g)
0%0mgradish, raw (65g)
0%0mglight beer (4%) (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgalcoholic, liqueur, crème de menthe (36% alcoh... (45ml)
0%0mgalcoholic, whisky (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0mgalcoholic, rum (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0mgalcoholic, vodka (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0mgred wine (150ml)
0%0mgrosé wine (150ml)
0%0mgwhite wine (150ml)
0%0mgclub soda (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgcarbonate drinks, lemon-lime soda (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgorange soda (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mginstant coffee (5ml)
0%0mgtea, brewed (175ml)
0%0mgtea, brewed, herb (175ml)
0%0mgperrier (500ml)
0%0mgcola (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgcola with aspartame (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgwater, municipal (500ml)
0%0mgregular beer (5%) (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgalcoholic, gin (40% alcohol by volume) (45ml)
0%0mgcandies, hard (15g)
0%0mgmarshmallows (40g)
0%0mgcandies, chewing gum (3g)
0%0mgdessert, frozen, ices, water, lime (75ml)
0%0mgsweets, honey, strained or extracted (20g)
0%0mgsweets, jellies (15ml)
0%0mgsweets, molasses (15ml)
0%0mgsweets, sugars, brown (4g)
0%0mgsweets, sugars, icing (powdered) (4g)
0%0mgmaple syrups (30ml)
0%0mggrains, cornstarch (10g)
0%0mggrains, tapioca, pearl, dry (45g)
0%0mgdecaffeinated cola (1 can (355 ml))
0%0mgdecaffeinated coffee (175ml)
0%0mggrenadine syrups (60ml)
0%0mgcandies, hard, dietetic or low calorie (sorbitol) (15g)
0%0mgcandies, chewing gum, sugarless (3g)
0%0mgalcoholic beverage, rice (sake) (100ml)
0%0mgcottage cheese (light) (175g)

Abstract (Foods quantities are per portion)
Top Vitamin E Rich Foods for Vegetarians
92%14mgwheat germ oil (10ml)
70%11mgsunflower seed kernels (30g)
52%7.8mgroasted almond (30g)
35%5.2mgcandied ginger root (30g)
31%4.6mghazelnuts (30g)
29%4.3mghazelnut oil (10ml)
26%3.9mgpeanuts (50g)
26%3.9mgalmond paste (30ml packed)
25%3.8mgsunflower oil (10ml)
21%3.2mgspaghetti sauce (125ml)
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